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IVORY WAX / Renaissance Wax

IVORY WAX / Renaissance Wax
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The best wax/polish for using on your valuable collectables. We have used it for many years and recommend it.

Renaissance Wax polish was originally formulated in the British Museum laboratories.  It has a crystalline structure much finer than other waxes, a property that confers a highly efficient moisture resistance. 

When thinly applied and rubbed out to a full lustre, the wax film is (and remains) glass-clear, with no discoloration either of the wax or the underlying surface. Renaissance Wax is free from acids ( PH netural) and will not damage the most sensitive materials. For example, photographs for exhibiition or of historic value are waxed to protect the image from the natural acidity of hand or environmental pollutants. The wax does not stain or darken anything it is applied to.

This is absolutly the best wax to use on anything you wish to protect- Knives, Firearms, Ivory, Marble, Leather , tools, etc.

When applied correctly - in thin layers - the wax is economical in use, so that its intial cost compares very favourably with ordinary commercial waxes.